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November 7-December 6, 2019

Organized by curator Joseph Underwood and curatorial assistant Jonathan Gonzalez

Unmbaji Gallery | Oscar Ritchie Hall, room 134 | 225 Terrace Drive, Kent OH | Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9am-5pm

“A mantle is designed to cover, enfold, or envelop.

Stereotypes, caricatures, and misinformation are males that have historically obscured and dehumanized the Black Body. Through expanded photography Amber N. Ford deconstructs these binds by reassessing definition of Black as a color, a construct and a lived reality.”


Opening Reception | November 7th, 5-7pm (Umbaji Gallery)

Gallery tours | November 14th at 3pm & November 18th at 1pm

Artist/Curator Dialogue | November 20th, 7pm (Center for Visual Arts, Rm 165) - no advanced registration required

Earlier Event: March 28
Art, Activism & Advocacy